Dave's Deals

Right From The President Himself


Top Soil

$25.00 A Yard

* Delivery Available At Standard Fee



Many Styles and Sizes Available

*Delivery Available At Standard Fee


Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride in flake form in 50lb bags. It is used as a snow and ice melter and also dustproofing and other uses as well.
We have 60 pallets in stock. Each pallet contains 48 bags. We are selling it in FULL pallet quantities only!
The price is $525.60 per pallet (10.95 per bag) and $504.00 per pallet ($9.95 per bag) for 2 or more pallets.
*Delivery is available

What Our Customers Say

Outstanding Customer Service!! The extra mile is is most definitely the norm there!! I mean from the summer helpers up to the owner, once you drive onto the yard, it becomes an all out effort to make sure that you're provided it with the necessary tools, materials and/or advise that you need to get the job done!!

Charles S.

We have been doing business with Sabiston for several years. Excellent Service and always professional!

Monacelli C.

Amazing Service!!! They took care of my needs immediately and delivered as they said they would. Dave,the owner is Honest in my dealings with him. They are slightly higher in their price but their service is well worth it.

Robert Antolak

The President, Dave Kieleszewski, is a straight-up honest, Christian, gentleman and works tirelessly to create a business culture that puts the customer first.


I can find a brick there and believe they r most educated they bean around a long while and love showen up to find a rare brick. I do alot historical homes. I am a perfectionist and will do business with them first. Before any.÷)

Dean Steele